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An Excel drop down list or dropdown menu increases data entry speed and reduces the possibility for data entry error. Below is a quick and easy way to create a dropdown list or drop down menu using the Data Validation feature.

  1. Create a tab called list. (Its best practice in Excel to do this)

2. Write out lists of options for your dropdown menu (See below)


3. Select cell(s) in which you want to insert the dropdown list (See below where we have selected cell A2:A14)

4. On the ribbon go to Data and then Select the data Validation option

5. Select the List option under where it says allow and then under the word source select the list of options you want to use on the list tab and click ok when done


Cells A2:A14 will now all have the dropdown option within them


This is the most straight forward way to add dropdown lists. However to allow for adding more options easily see our how to make dropdown lists using Named Ranges in Excel post/tutorial

There is also a youtube video if you prefer to run through it that way