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There are many different ways to add, subtract or count dates in Excel.

Below are 11 of the most commonly used and most straight forward functions for them.

Add Dates in

Below is the formulas in text format for you to copy and paste into your Worksheet should you need to. If using the ones referencing “pub_hols” make sure you make a named range for this.


Adding Days =B4+C4
Adding Workdays (M-F) =WORKDAY(B5,C5)
Adding Workdays (M-F,Public Holdiays) =WORKDAY(B6,C6,pub_hols)
Adding Weeks =WORKDAY(B7,(C7*7))
Adding Weeks (M-F,Public Holidays) =WORKDAY(B8,C8,pub_hols)
Adding Months =EDATE(B9,C9)
Adding Years =EDATE(B10,(C10*12))
Month Start Date =EOMONTH(B11,-1)+1
Month End Date =EOMONTH(B12,1)
Counting Workdays between 2 dates =NETWORKDAYS(B13,C13,pub_hols)
Counting Workdays between 2 dates (including Public Holidays) =NETWORKDAYS(B14,C14,pub_hols)