With all the projects we work on, our team focuses on the following 3 key elements to ensure the successful delivery of your Excel Consulting Solution.


Clients are always telling us how quickly we respondYou’ll talk directly with the Microsoft Excel Consultant developing your solution via email, phone, or video conferencing via Zoom or Skype. This Ongoing communication from initial contact, development and testing phases ensures we understand the requirements and deliver your desired outcome.


An automation process is key for all our projects. Our Microsoft Excel Support team are qualified, experienced in the advanced functions of Excel. We are equipped with lots of experience and As a result we make sure we use the right features of Excel for your project to maximize the automation of your spreadsheets and improve efficiency.


The final automated Excel Spreadsheets our Excel Support teams provide are very easy to use which makes running your business very easy and efficient. Therefore, performance measures are in place during development to make sure your spreadsheets run efficiently for your business at all times. 

Get a better picture of your data

Excel Support identifies and provides Excel Consulting Solutions for your business to run efficiently. Our teams Excel VBA and Spreadsheet Consultants have both Excel VBA Programming development skills and a wealth of Business experience across various industries. You will deal directly with the person responsible for developing your Excel Consulting Solution from start to finish. They can either build the tool and show you how to use it or simply advise you on ways to improve your current system and process.

Custom Formalas

Excel Support will help you integrate custom formulas which will help you perform computations in your spreedsheets.

Chat Solutions

We provide Excel Chat solutions for both individuals and small businesses. 


Excel support has the ability to integrate and visualize data into your dashboard using the latest features in Excel. 


macro is an action or a set of actions that you can run as many times as you want in your spreadsheet, at Excel Support we can help you create as many macros as you want.

Pivot Tables

pivot table is a table of statistics that summarizes the data of a more extensive table. Contact us today if you need help with pivots.

VBA Programming

From complexity to simplicity Excel support can assist you in creating VBA (Visual Basic Applications) which is the programming language of Excel and other Microsoft Office programs.

Excel Consultancy Services

So much of what drives successful businesses is how effective they are in making correct and positive decisions. The foundation of a successful business decision is mainly grounded in historical data which when analyzed helps key decision makes chose the best options to drive the business forward.

Our experienced Excel Consultants can help businesses to use their data more effectively by automating processes, eliminating errors, and making everyday tasks more efficient. If you would like to improve your data analysis or simply like to improve an existing data-driven process then contact our Excel Consultants now for a FREE no-obligation quote.


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What Our Clients Are Saying

Thanks to Excel Support, entering student data is a one-off process and the rest takes care of itself. It has saved me countless hours and given me the opportunity to focus more on the student and less on the administrative side.

Homesglen TAFE , Melbourne

Our business utilises a variety of software programs to lodge finance applications. These all have different functionalities and requirements. Excel Support have streamlined our data entry and storage process to provide real time reporting. This has freed up capacity to service more clients.

Jordan Krugar, Nixon Finance Ltd.

We had lots of issues with job tracking and auditing of work done, Excel Support set up a system which made it simple and easy for anyone to use and it has saved us a great deal of time and money in the process.

File Systems Manager, Deanmac, Victoria

Well what can I say, I was introduced to Excel Support through a business colleague. They certainly know their craft in excel & I could never complain about their professionalism. My business process is now automated and work has been fun and much efficient. I would highly recommend excelsupport.com.au

Prince - Small Business Owners Australia

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